We’ve Developed VITE™

A product and platform for analysing fluids that’s dramatically faster and far cheaper than current testing. It’s a handheld and briefcase sized device. A revolution in the field of testing and analysing fluids.

We are starting with body fluids - Blood and  Urine.  

Cutting A Long Story Short

1. Take sample 2. Place in disposable VITE™ cartridge 3. Get result in minutes right there.


VENICA 1 2 3.jpg

This is full blown Chemical & Molecular Testing. It exploits the power of Raman Spectroscopy combined with Liquid Chromatography - the Industry gold standard. The only process to do this.


It’s designed to be where it needs to have impact - the surgery, pharmacy or point of care. It removes the expense and time required by sending samples to the traditional laboratories involving armies of technicians.