VENICA links
 RESOURCES to ensure that it's true
POTENTIAL can be realised.

There is a huge amount of Innovation and Science that is developed in Universities and Research Facilities but which goes no further - it just sits there. Often because academics and researchers are brilliant at being academics and researchers - they are not necessarily great business people. VENICA investors provide the business impetus to bring these Innovations to market.

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profitability, utility and integrity.

We do so in order to identify great science. Great science that is feasible. Then we create operational structures to deliver it in the most commercially relevant and optimal ways possible.

Venica works closely with all types of community, in particular the ongoing movement to unlock great innovation for the benefit of the world. And in doing so help create additional momentum, awareness and action. Bringing great science from the laboratory to the high street - wherever it can be of best use to humanity.


Linking Great Scientists and Researchers with Great Businesspeople.

Life changing, sometimes life-saving technology and products have been developed, researched and created but have never reached market - for many reasons. Patent related confusion, competitor buy-outs, or simply bad branding or lack of communication or business know-how can mean incredible products are sitting unused! VENICA provides a solution by providing a channel for research and related products, so that the Scientists can focus on the science, while the Business pro's take care of the rest.

Our world has changed dramatically in every industry. Great ideas and innovations are also mouthwatering opportunities to make new markets.
Potential to invent and innovate abound.


VENICA was created to link the geniuses behind these innovations with the right businesspeople to bring 'Good Science' to market.

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Good Science that has been developed, tested, and proven, but which lacks the means - for whatever reason - to bridge the 'final hurdles'  to bring it to market.

Because we believe that GOOD SCIENCE CAN be GOOD BUSINESS. We believe it can change the way we live and work for the better.


VENICA provides the platform for inventors and investors to connect.


Because it is designed for now. Right now.
Bringing breakthrough science to the people - using technology and business methods that are relevant now (not five years ago), and into the future.

Because we seek out like-minded Partners and Investors.
That means an approach which keeps Relevance, Creativity, Commercial Value and Impact to Society firmly in mind.



Three very important things make up our business - and its operating model

  1. A Holding Company
  2. A Talent Pool and the platform it runs on
  3. Access to a Global Movement of Interest