We’ve Developed VITE™

A product and platform for analysing fluids that’s dramatically faster and far cheaper than current testing. It’s a handheld and briefcase sized device. A revolution in the field of testing and analysing fluids.

We are starting with body fluids - Blood and  Urine.  

Cutting A Long Story Short

1. Take sample 2. Place in disposable VITE™ cartridge 3. Get result in minutes right there.


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This is full blown Chemical & Molecular Testing. It exploits the power of Raman Spectroscopy combined with Liquid Chromatography - the Industry gold standard. The only process to do this.


It’s designed to be where it needs to have impact - the surgery, pharmacy or point of care. It removes the expense and time required by sending samples to the traditional laboratories involving armies of technicians.



Every industry is undergoing disruption and Healthcare is no exception. The disruption we bring is designed to overcome the causes of some really significant and costly effects.

The Benefits

Results in minutes which leads to:

Fast and accurate diagnosis...

...speeding up the start of treatment

Reducing the cost of analysis

With zero transport required to the Lab

And no degradation of samples in storage/transport

Venica Vite™ Disrupts both today and tomorrow.

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The more it learns the sharper the insights it delivers. Not only does it massively cut cost, time frustration and risk to life it takes us into a whole new era. The era of Big Data and advanced machine learning.

This technology discovers the patterns in medical tests that predict what will happen next. And as a result we can anticipate the needs of patients before they arise.

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Simply put this is a technique that’s used to separate the key components in fluids.


The revolution in all this is instead of indirectly* detecting the analyte (the subject of the analysis) we have a Raman fingerprint* which can directly detect it.


* Indirect detection uses technologies such as UV/VIS absorption, refractive index measurements, evaporative light scattering, fluorescence, electrochemical, and conductivity measurements.


** Combining Raman spectroscopy with liquid chromatography in a disposable fluidic cartridge provides a definitive analyte detection so that real distinction can be achieved. This may also benefit the detecting of unknowns while traditional HPLC requires the specific target that you’re trying to detect.


The Healthcare world is vast and our initial market sector focus is well defined  The Medical Clinical Pathology Sector - this covers Blood, Urine and other Body Fluids.

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The total market for ALL laboratory services in the USA alone is valued at $53.3bn.

The market sector is predicted to grow over the next five years (2022) at an annualized rate of 2.7% to $60.7 billion.

18.6% of the laboratory industry revenue comes from Blood, Urine and other body fluid tests. The total value of this industry sector in the US is calculated to be around $16bn dollars.


There’s an aging population in almost every country on Earth.

The baby boomer generation will require more laboratory testing and diagnostic services.

In the U.S alone approximately 13 billion laboratory tests are performed annually in more than 200,000 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA)-certified laboratories. Source: - American Association for Clinical Chemistry, 2015


Investment Opportunity