Venica ViTE

The Marketplace

ViTETM has revolutionary applications for medical practitioners, military, healthcare, workplace, first responder and security scenarios.

  • North America drug of abuse testing (USD $0.9Bn)
  • North America urine analysis market (USD $415m)
  • North America blood testing market (USD $19.45Bn)
  • North America vitamin D testing market (USD $206m)

The healthcare world is vast and our initial market sector focus is well defined in the medical clinical pathology sector – this covers blood, urine and other body fluids.

Venica ViTETM is a revolutionary advance to the current in-vitro fluid analysis methodology available in medicine for doctors, pharmacists, payers and patients.

Efficiency, accuracy, profitability, wait-time and general patient experience are all improved with the adoption of ViTETM. Critical diagnostic information that doctors need to provide accurate care for their patients is available within minutes at the point of test/care.

Dr. Auner’s research has established that significant degradation of Vitamin D blood samples takes place in the first 12 hours post blood draw. ViTETM will solve this significant flaw in every Vitamin D test sent out to laboratories and potentially many other types of tests in the future.